Stilwell Kiwanis   

Club Officers & Board

Stilwell Kiwanis Club Officers and Board Members
 serving October 2014 - September 2015

President - Marty Green
Secretary - Brian Sitsler
Treasurer - Ralph Keen
Immediate Past President - Dan Collins




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  SHARON JACKSON                            LARRY ADAIR

  JIM PANTER                                        JENNIFER BRANTLEY

  KURT PRICE                                         LIZ BROWN

OBERT ST. PIERRE                         GRACE FERRIS

October 2, 2014

Larry Adair presented Charles Crozier with the “Legion of Honor” Award for his 36 years of service to the Stilwell Club. Charles has served our club as President, Lt. Governor, Board Member and Treasurer during the past 36 years. The award said 35 years because it only comes in increments of “five” years and we didn’t want to wait another four (4) years to present him the award. Charles is WELL deserving of this award!
Liz Brown presented Dennis Rhoads with the “Human & Spiritual Values” Award. Dennis is a retired educator who completed 40 years of service in education just a little over a year ago. This award is given to a person in the community who has made a difference in the life of a child or children and Dennis is WELL deserving of the award.

Charles Crozier installed all of our officers. While Kelli Littlejohn was not present due to illness, Charles installed her to begin her presidency in October.  He also installed Marty Green as Presiudent Elect, Ralph Keen as Treasurer, and Dan Collins as Immediate Past President.

Dan Collins recognized Fred Howe for his many years of service to our club as secretary. Our club will make a $100 donation to the “Hooves and Paws Foundation” in his honor. Brian Sitsler was installed and will take over as secretary in October. 
Charles Crozier installed our new members Beverly Hasson and Ronnie Trentham. New members who were unable to attend include Jennifer Brantley and Debbie Hooser.
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