Queen Pageant

2014 Strawberry Festival Queen Summer Leigh Taylor


Photos by Rita Christie

        Girls gain valuable poise and skills by competing for  Strawberry Festival Queen

Girls from Adair County between the ages of 16 & 21 are encouraged to participate in the pageant. Pageant directors and Kiwanis Club members work with the girls twice a week for 6-7 weeks of training.  Developing grace and the girl's own personal skills and talents are the focus of the sessions.  Girls from all four county high schools and home schools have the opportunity to work and dance together, making new friends and having loads of fun.  

By participating in the Strawberry Festival Queen Pageant, girls are given the opportunity to develop poise and self-confidence.  They are taught interviewing skills and practice answering questions under stressful conditions.  These abilities have lifetime benefits, enabling success in many work and social situations.   Pageant directors are former Strawberry Festival Queens who are willing and able to pass along their expertise to the young ladies who are interested in learning to present themselves in the best light.

In addition, each young lady that participates receives a stipend and the top three contestants earn scholarships to the college of their choice. 

For more information on the pageant and who is eligible, read the Rules and Conditions Governing the Strawberry Festival Queen Pageant below and then, if interested and qualified, complete the application
online, or print a copy and mail to the Stilwell Kiwanis Club, PO Box 1312, Stilwell, OK  74960, or bring it to the first contestant's meeting at the Stilwell Depot.

2014 Strawberry Festival Queen Summer Leigh Taylor, 1st Runner-up Jacey Coates, and 2nd Runner-up Cheyenne McCrary,

2013 Strawberry Queen Jessica Simmons and 2014 Queen Summer Leigh Taylor
Photos by Rita Christie

2014 Strawberry Festival Queen Candidates
Photo by Jackson

Rules and Conditions Governing the Strawberry Festival Queen Pageant

  1. Pageant Date/Place:  2015 date to be determined, Stilwell High School Activity Center.
  2. Must be no younger than 16, and no older than 21, on Strawberry Festival Day, May 9, 2015.  (Bring Birth Certificate or ID to Contestant Meeting (TBA) at the Stilwell Depot.)
  3. Must be female, unmarried and not divorced.
  4. Must never have had a child, or now be pregnant.
  5. Must be a bona fide resident of Adair County in the state of Oklahoma as of the application date.  If attending college outside of Adair County, your permanent address MUST be in Adair County.  (Bring proof of residency such as driver’s license to Contestant Meeting)
  6. Must be of good moral character, not been involved in any act of moral turpitude, never performed any act or engaged in any activity or employment that could reasonably be considered dishonest, immoral or indecent, and not use or consume an illegal controlled dangerous substance or abuse the use of alcohol or other dangerous substances.
  7. Must agree to relinquish the crown and title in the event that you violate the terms of Rule #6, choose to become married, become pregnant, or permanently move from Adair County before Strawberry Festival Day, 2016.
  8. All contestants are expected to attend and participate in scheduled group rehearsals.  The first contestants’ meeting will be at the Stilwell Depot, HWY 59 and Division St. (TBA).  Calendars showing the rehearsal schedule will be provided at this meeting.  Each participant must be present for the dress rehearsal on the Friday night prior to the pageant, unless the proposed absence is approved well in advance by the pageant director.  Rehearsals will be closed to the general public.  At the sole discretion of the Pageant Director, family members and/or guests may attend rehearsals, but may not interact with the contestants.
  9. All clothing worn during the pageant will be modest and must be approved by the Pageant Director.  Clothing needed will be as follows:  Interview Outfit – street length dress, suit or pant suit;  Opening Number –  street length or cocktail dress or outfits coordinated by the Director;  Street Wear – street length dress, suit or pant suit;  Formal Wear – Choose something flattering to your coloring and body shape;  Talent Outfit – appropriate for the activity.
  10. Judging criteria for the pageant will be as follows: Poise and Personality 30%, Appearance 35%, Communicative Skills 25% and Talent 10%. A complete breakdown of the judging criteria will be provided at the first contestants’ meeting.
  11. Kiwanis Scholarships will be awarded as follows: Queen - $1000.00, 1st Runner-Up - $750.00, 2nd Runner-Up - $500.00.  The queen, first and second runners-up scholarships will be paid directly to the college, technical school or other approved higher education institution upon receipt of verification of enrollment. This offer will be extended up to one year after the date the winners graduate from high school.  All contestants will receive a $100.00 stipend, paid directly to the contestant.
  12.  Application may be made online, in person at the first contestants’ meeting or mailed to Stilwell Kiwanis, P.O. Box 1312, Stilwell, OK 74960.  Absolute deadline for applications (TBA). Mailed entries should be postmarked no later than (TBA).
  13. Deadline for submitting talent plans, scripts, sheet music, or sound tracks is (TBA).  Talent should be 1 ½ to 2 minutes, cannot include any unfit dialog or moves, and must be approved by the Pageant Director.
  14. During the first contestant's meeting release of liability, consent to have pictures displayed, attestations to the facts contained in the applications and contract agreeing to abide by the rules and regulations of the pageant will be signed.   All contestants should make every effort to attend this meeting.  If the contestant is a minor, a parent should also attend to receive vital information and sign documents.
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