Stilwell Kiwanis   

Strawberry Growers

Strawberries are available throughout Strawberry season by contacting one of these growers. The growers listed are members of the Adair County Strawberry Growers Association.

 Harold Brannon:  (918) 696-6495

 Doyle’s Farm:  (918) 696-2824, (918) 797-5319 & (918) 507-0884

 Andrew Cain:  (918) 696-2652 & Rick Longshore:  (918) 696-9720

 Baird’s Farm:  (918) 696-7850

 Doyle’s Country Garden:  (918) 696-5369 & (918) 797-0058

 Rudy Manon:  (918) 507-1515

 Dave Guevara or Antasio Reynaga:  (918) 507-1151

 Tyler Woods:  (918) 930-0709

Dylan & Jeff Collyge:  (918) 930-0646 or (918) 930-0765

Tou (Joshua) Toualo:  (918) 930-0551

 During the Stilwell Strawberry Festival, fresh berries may be available from the growers listed above.  If the berries are ripe and available, they will be sold in the alley between the courthouse and the post office.  Only berries sold in this area are guaranteed to be Stilwell grown strawberries.  Since the growers pick the berries daily, the supply of strawberries available on festival day is limited, so come early to purchase the choicest berries.  If you will not make it into town until later in the day, make arrangements with one of the growers to hold berries for you.


Ten Years
Champion Berry Growers

   Year            Winner

   2016    Bobby & Jane Doyle
   2015    Tyler Woods


   Burl Doyle
   2013    Tyler Woods
   2012    Chris Herman
   2011    Rudy Manon
   2010    James Family Farm
   2009    David Guevara
   2008    James Family Farm
   2007   Baird's Stoney Point Farm

Photo by Frankie Duncan

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