Vendor Application

Attention Vendors:  Only regular booth spaces are still available.  Prime spaces are gone.

Read all
Vendor Information and Vendor Guidelines before submitting an application. Answer all questions below and click the submit button.

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Arts and Crafts Vendors use the Arts and Crafts Vendor Application, for 2014.

Vendor Booth Space or
Permit Application
Commercial or Non-Profit

Please read the Information on the Vendor Page of the Website prior to applying for a permit or booth space.  

Enter "none" on required items that do not pertain to you. 

See Midway Map for Booth Section Information.  Most single booth spaces are 10' X 10' or slightly larger. 

There is no 220 Electricity available, only 110.  You may need to bring your own generator if we cannot accomodate your electrical needs.

When the Submit Button is pressed, the form will be emailed to the Stilwell Kiwanis Club.  Someone will respond using your email address.

Payment must be received prior to assigning booth space.  After submitting the application, see the payout page for paying with Credit Card or PayPal Account, or mail check, Cashier's Check or Money Order payable to the Stilwell Kiwanis Club to Stilwell Kiwanis Club, PO Box 1312, Stilwell, OK  74960.

 Note:  We will notify you if we are unable to locate your booth in the section requested, however, specific locations of booth sites are at the discretion of the Stilwell Kiwanis Club.

I have read the Vendor Information and agree to comply with the Vendor Guidelines: *
Name of Business/Organization: *
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Nature of Vending Operation: *
Permanent Address: *
City: *
State: *
Zip Code: *
Person Responsible for Business Activity during Event: *
Business Phone Number: *
Cell Phone Number:
Oklahoma State Tax ID Number: *
Desired Section for Location of Booth: *
Type of Booth: *
Length X Width of Booth Space Needed: *
Electricity Needs: *
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