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Reserve your space early.  Booth spaces will be located along Division Street.  Specific locations of booth sites are at the discretion of the Stilwell Kiwanis Club.   Booth sites are reserved on a first come, first serve basis.

In an effort to facilitate a flow of visitors through the vendor booths, the Stilwell Kiwanis Club is  once again planning  to locate attractions at either end of Division Street.  See Midway Map of the general area to see what attractions those may be. 

There are three categories of vendors for which permits and booth space are available.  Please read the definitions carefully to determine in which category your business or organization falls. 

 Commercial Vendors are those who sell concessions, merchandise or operate entertainment attractions for a profit.  Food vendors fit into this category if they are a commercial business operation. 

 Non-Profit Vendors are not-for-profit organizations, as approved by Stilwell Kiwanis, such as local church groups, school groups, or 501 (C)3 organizations.

 Arts and Crafts Vendors are those whose items are handmade, unique, and art works that are not available in typical retail outlets.  (To sell items not handcrafted, a commercial permit must be purchased and booth space obtained outside the Arts and Crafts area)  A special area is set aside for Arts and Crafts booths where only handcrafted items may be sold.   (See Midway Map on the Strawberry Festival tab)  For further information regarding the Arts and Crafts Vendor booths, visit

 Permits are required to be purchased and a separate permit displayed on every booth, stand, or attraction.  Permits are available with or without booth space provided.  Permits without the booth space are for vendors who make arrangements directly with private property owners for setup space and needed services.  Festival Day Permits begin at 6:00 P.M. Friday May 08 and end at 6:00 P.M. Saturday May 9. Extended permits are available beginning no earlier than April 18th & ending no later than May 16th.

 Booth Spaces obtained from one of the Kiwanis Clubs  (Stilwell Kiwanis Club for Commercial & Non-Profit, and ADCO Kiwanis for Arts & Crafts) include the permit in the price of the space.  See Chart below for prices.

 Sales Tax must be collected from all customers.  Vendors must either report and pay sales taxes using their Oklahoma State Tax Number or report and pay the sales taxes to the Stilwell Kiwanis Club prior to tearing down.


Vendor Guidelines

  • Most single booth spaces are 10' X 10', some slightly larger.  The spaces closest to the bandstand are prime spaces and are priced accordingly.  See Midway Map to determine if you prefer to be located in section C or D, and indicate on the application that and the size of space needed.  Specific sites assigned are at the discretion of the Kiwanis Club.
  • For safety reasons and to facilitate the flow of foot traffic, no booths may be set up on city sidewalks.
  • Payment may be made online using your PayPal account, by credit card as a guest of PayPal, by personal check, cashier’s check, or money order mailed to the Stilwell Kiwanis Club, PO Box 1312, Stilwell, OK 74960.
  • Spaces will be reserved when verification of payment by PayPal is received. the check clears the bank,  or when the cashier’s check or money order is received.
  • You must provide your own tables and chairs.
  • No alcoholic beverages may be sold at the festival.
  • No stakes may be driven into the street.
  • No food items can be prepared or sold in the Arts and Crafts area.
  • Food Vendors may be required to furnish proof that a health permit has been obtained
  • All Vendors are responsible for being in compliance with any applicable Oklahoma Department of Labor Laws and Regulations.          
  • If you have a quiet generator, please plan to use it, as sites with electricity (110 only) are very limited.  Electricity can be provided in some booths on a first come first served basis (110 only - no 220 available), but advance notice is required on the application.  You must provide your own electrical cords.  Outlets may be up to a half a block away in some cases.            
  • In case of bad weather or other emergency, official announcements will be made from the Festival bandstand at the corner of Division and Second streets.  Loudspeakers are in place in several locations along Division Street.
  • Each vendor is responsible for payment of state and local taxes.  State and local taxes will be collected from all vendors who do not have an Oklahoma Sales Tax ID Number.
  • Division Street will be blocked off and booths may be set up after 6:00 P.M. Friday, however, there is no security on Friday.
  • Booths must be set up and vehicles off the street by 8:00 A.M. on Saturday.
  • Upon arriving, check in at the Kiwanis Club tent at the corner of 2nd & Division to be issued your permit and location of your booth space.  (Arts & Crafts Vendors, your check in tent will be at the corner of 3rd & Division)



Chart for Permits/Booth Prices

Permit or Combination

Permit Only

Single Space/Permit

Double  Space/Permit 

Commercial 24 Hour*




Commercial Extended*




Commercial Prime Space*




Non-Profit 24 Hour*




Non-Profit Prime Space*




Standard Arts and Crafts Booth*




Premium Arts & Crafts Booth*




  *See definitions above

  Commercial and Non-Profit Vendors may use the 2015 online Vendor Application,  download a printable PDF Vendor Application, or for those who have Microsoft Word, a fillable Vendor Application is available for your convenience which can be emailed to vendorbooths@strawberryfestivalcom.  Paper forms include printable vendor information as stated above.   Remember, booth space will not be  reserved until payment is received.  Payment may be made online using PayPal (see Payout Page) or by check made out to the Stilwell Kiwanis Club, and mailed to PO box 1312, Stilwell OK  74960.

Arts and Crafts Vendors, to go to apply.       

Upon arriving, check in at the Kiwanis Club tent at the corner of 2nd & Division to be issued your permit and location of your booth space.

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